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Pastor Rick Jackson


Chapter 7 is one of several parenthetical chapters. It does not follow the timeline as such.




1. The Power of the Four [v. 1, 6:5-8]


2. The Power of the Voice [v. 2]


3. The Pronouncement of the Angel [v. 3]


II. THE 144,000 [v. 4-8, 14:1-5]


1. A Specific Group [v. 4-8] from 12 specific tribes of Israel


2. A Specific Number [v. 4-8]


3. A Specific Omission [v. 4-8, Ez. 48] the tribe of Dan is absent here




1. United in Christ [v. 9-10, 13-15, 6:9-11]


2. United in Worship [v. 11-12]


3. United in Benefit [v. 16-17, 21:4]

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Friend, if you've never found peace with God- it's not God's fault. - Evangelist Troy Carlson

The humanity of Christ needs to be emphasized as well as His deity. You see, He brought deity down to this earth, and he took humanity back to Heaven. - J. Vernon McGee

A great Welsh preacher began his sermon by saying, "I have a question to ask. I cannot answer it. You cannot answer it. Even God cannot answer it." Then he gave this as his text: "How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?" And I have a sermon entitled, "A Question that God Cannot Answer." I do not mean to be irreverent, but God makes it clear that He cannot answer the question, "How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?" Do you know a way of escape? The only way is Christ. - J. Vernon McGee

What do you do to be lost? Nothing. You can be lost by neglect. - J. Vernon McGee

What is wrong with money? It can be used in a spiritual way; it is not very impressive to hear somebody pray for something and then not back it up with his pocketbook. For example, if you are going to pray for missions, I would suggest you give to missions if you want to make your prayer effective. Otherwise your prayer is just like a lot of wind escaping- that's all. It is spiritual to give. - J. Vernon McGee

I believe that Christ is in every psalm, though I admit that I am not able to find Him in every psalm. -
J. Vernon McGee

My friend, I have been a preacher for a long time, and I have learned that people don't really have intellectual problems which keep them from Christ, but they sure have sin problems. - J. Vernon McGee

if you would ask me, "Preacher, what is the great sin in your life, what is it that has held you back more than anything else?" I would have to admit that it is unbelief. As I look back upon my years of ministry, I realize that I did not believe God as I should have. And today there is one thing I want above everything else, and that is to believe God. I want to commit my life to Him completely, turn everything over to Him. - J. Vernon McGee

It has been said, "The Word of God will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Word of God." A great many believers do not spend enough time in the Word of God. A great many preachers do not spend enough time in the Word of God. The greatest discipline a preacher can have is to go through the Bible book by book with his congregation. That is a discipline which even if it does not help the congregation, it will sure help the preacher. - J. Vernon McGee

Christ occupies a threefold office: (1) He was a prophet when he came nineteen hundred years ago-that is the past; (2) He is a priest today-that is for the present; (3) He is coming someday to rule as a king-that is for the future. He occupies all three of these offices. - J. Vernon McGee

Have you ever said to your husband or wife after a Bible-teaching sermon, "I don't think the pastor was quite up to it today. I didn't feel his message was equal to what he is capable of giving"? Did you ever stop to think that the problem that day may have been with you? Seeing you are dull of hearing. The problem may not be in the speaking, but the problem may be in the hearing. - J. Vernon McGee

"Ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God." Some of them want a D.D. degree, but they don't even know their ABCs. "First principles" is from the Greek word stoicheion (from which we get our English word atom, by the way), meaning primary elements-the ABCs of the Christian life. They ought to be teachers and mature saints, but instead they are still little babies needing someone to burp them.
For example, one Sunday after the morning service a church member stopped to talk to me while I was shaking hands. He said, "Dr. McGee, do you have anything against me?" I said, "No. Why do you say that?" "Well, you passed me yesterday on the street, and you didn't speak to me." That is baby talk. I didn't even see that person, and it is perfect nonsense to talk like that. Someone else said, "Why didn't the soloist sing this morning? We wanted to hear the soloist sing." Oh, my gracious, what little babies, wanting their rattles, and wanting the bottle with the nipple on it! - J. Vernon McGee

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Pastor Rick Jackson




1. Jesus is the High Priest [v. 1, 3; 9:14; 10:12]


2. Jesus is the Royal Priest [v. 1; 1:8; 4:16; 12:2]


3. Jesus is the Heavenly Priest [v. 1-2, 4-5]




1. Better Because It Is Faultless [v. 7-9]


2. Better Because It Is Internal [v. 10-12, Jeremiah 31:31-34]


3. Better Because It Is Eternal [v. 13]




1. The Promise of Rest [4:1, 9]


2. The Promise of Inheritance [9:15]


3. The promise of Surety/Security [7:21-25]

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GENESIS 37                                        

Pastor Rick Jackson


Why doesn’t God do something? Why didn’t God stop that wicked man? Why? What? Where? How? When?




1. He Has [Gn. 37:3-4, 8, 11-22]


2. He Will [Gn. 37:23-28, 42:18-22, 44:18, 33-34]


3. He Did [Gn. 45:1-8]




1. He Is Alive [Gn. 45:26]


2. He Is Lord [Gn. 45:9, 26]


3. He Is Loaded [45:10-11, 27-28]




1. Whatever it is- It Is For the Glory of God [Jn. 11:40]


2. Whatever it is- It Is For Our Good [Gn. 50:20, Rm. 8:28-39]


3. Whatever it is- Grant God the Right to Be God [Rm. 9:20, 11:30-36]


A man’s prize horse ran away.  Neighbor said that’s too bad. Man said “What do I know about such things?” 20 wild horses. “That’s good” Son’s broken leg. Thugs looking for able-bodied boys. Why don’t you wait until you are standing before God and let Him show you how it all worked out.

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Question of the week- what has NASA inadvertently proved about Pluto?

New NASA Photos Confirm Pluto's Surface Is Young!


Pluto's Surface Is Young!
Pluto's Surface Is Young!
On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, NASA released the first close images of Pluto recently taken by the New Horizons space probe. What the photos revealed was a shock to conventional uniformitarian scientists who believe in a 4.5-billion-year-old solar system. These scientists have found far fewer craters than they expected.
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Does Spider-Man Really Exist?

Does Spider-Man Really Exist?

Spider-Man cannot explain origins or why mankind is in a position to be able to think logically, do science, or have a consistent morality.

Were You There? Pointing to God as Creator

Were You There? Pointing to God as Creator

How should we use "Were you there?" to engage and challenge the evolution story of the universe and promote the biblical creation view?

Ken Ham

$100 Million to Search for Non-Existent Aliens

When there is talk about aliens, the secularists get giddy with excitement. When we talk about the infinite creator God, the secularists mock and scoff.

Ark Encounter

Collaborative Partners in Tourism with Grant County

With great pleasure we shared some great news with the Grant County Chamber of Commerce at breakfast on Monday morning.

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John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Unless one starts with the plain, honest intention to take the Bible at face value and not argue against any clear statements in the Bible, of course he cannot expect to come out right. - John R. Rice

It is never right to use one Scripture against another or to interpret one Scripture to contradict another. - John R. Rice

No Scripture ever contradicts another Scripture, if it be rightly interpreted. - John R. Rice

And let me say that the more one relies on water, the less he relies on the blood. The more one relies on baptism, the less he relies on Christ. Any act of righteousness that one depends on becomes a snare. - John R. Rice

No religion which denies the deity of Christ can be a Christian religion. It is infidelity, pure and simple. - John R. Rice

Now ceremonial laws may be commanded to one group of people and not commanded to others, but the moral law is for all alike. The law against murder is certainly true for everybody, but the law commanding circumcision is only for the Jews. Therefore, it is ceremonial law. Likewise the law that Jews should keep the Sabbath is a ceremonial law because it is expressly given as a sign between God and Jews to set them apart from others. Any command that is restricted to a particular group of people and is not given to others is thereby proven to be a ceremonial law. - John R. Rice

The Jewish Sabbath is ceremonial law because it is not written in the heart, and moral law is always written in the heart and conscience. Romans 2:14, 15 shows that Gentiles have the moral law of God written in their hearts or consciences and that God will hold Gentiles accountable for that moral law even when they do not have a Bible. - John R. Rice

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Pastor Rick Jackson


After the rapture several things occur on earth that aren’t fully developed in Revelation. Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew, Thessalonians and other books of the Bible add many details.


I. THE FIRST SEAL – The Antichrist [v. 1-2, 19:11-16, 1 Tm. 1:20, 2 Cor. 12:7]

one rider has a stephanos victor’s crown, the other Rider has the diadema royal crown.


II. THE SECOND SEAL – Anarchy & War [v. 3-4]


III. THE THIRD SEAL – Famine [v. 5-6]


IV. THE FOURTH SEAL – Death & Hell [v. 7-8, 20:14] death for the body, hades for the soul


V. THE FIFTH SEAL – Martyrs Praying for Vengeance [v. 9-11] people in Heaven don’t know everything


VI. THE SIXTH SEAL – Worldwide Calamity [v. 12-14, Mt. 24:5-8] Christ’s summation



Recognition without repentance followed by foolishness & forgetfulness