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Pastor Rick Jackson




1. After the “Little Season” [v. 1-3, 7-9]


2. After the Millennium [v.4- 5]


3. After the Devil is Judged [v. 10]




1. The Unsaved Dead [v. 4-6]


2. Every Unsaved Person-Small or Great [v. 11-13]


3. Anyone Whose Name is not in the Lamb’s Book of Life [v. 15]




1. By their Record [v.12, Matthew 5:21-30, 12:36-37]


2. By their Works [v. 12-13]


3. By their absence [v. 14-15]

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Prophecy Today Devotions  
October 24, 2014 
Jimmy DeYoung
Thank you for reading my Prophetic Daily Devotionals! 

Ezekiel 45:22  

And upon that day shall the prince prepare for himself and for all the people of the land a bullock for a sin-offering.
For further study - Ezekiel 45:1-25
The passage that we will look at today for our devotional reading is a very troubling portion of scripture for many people. It is discussing the events that take place at the Temple in Jerusalem, the one that Jesus will build when He returns to the earth at the Second Coming, Zechariah 6:12.
As you read through the whole chapter in this portion of Ezekiel's prophetic book we see that seven chapters, Ezekiel 40-46, are dedicated to dealing with the Temple that Jesus will "rule and reign" from, Zechariah 6:13, in the Kingdom to come.
In these chapters, we find that the Prophet, in 202 verses, lays out all that is needed, every detail, to construct the Messiah's Temple and he describes all the activities that will take place at this Temple, which includes "animal sacrifices".
You read correctly, "animal sacrifices" will be performed at the Temple in Jerusalem during the 1,000 year Kingdom Period. Let me set that aside for a moment to look at several other details.
This passage, along with Ezekiel 42:20, defines the size and area of the city of Jerusalem, verses 1-6. It also describes the Temple Mount as well, Ezekiel 42:20. These are details that must be followed, in all instances in order for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.
These first six verses in Ezekiel 45 set the borders of the city of Jerusalem, and the size of the Holy City, in the Kingdom. Studying the details reveals that Jerusalem will be 2,500 square miles, 50 miles on each side. That is almost the width of the State of Israel.
The Temple Mount, Ezekiel 42:20, will be right at one square mile. This is almost three times its size today. Actually, the "Old City" is today almost one square mile. The Temple Mount, in the Kingdom will be where the Lord has chosen to "dwell among His people, forever", Psalm 132:13-14.
Now, back to the restoring of the "sacrificial system" in the Kingdom Period. In this devotional I am not going into full detail on this troubling passage and issue. Let me say that the "sacrifice of animals" in Old Testament times and in the Kingdom Period to come did not, and will not effect the "eternal salvation" of anyone.
Sacrifices were offered up in Old Testament times to restore fellowship of those who "sinned". In the Kingdom there will be Jews in human bodies, that will not only enter the Kingdom, but also will have "children", Isaiah 65:20.
As is the case during all dispensations, every one is "saved by grace, through faith", Ephesians 2:8-9. All Old Testament "saints" accepted what God told them to do, by faith, and thus "salvation", by faith. This salvation is a "gift" from the Lord, not because of offering sacrifices.
Sacrifices will not only restore fellowship, but the whole operation of the Temple will be to instruct the Jews in the Kingdom Period of how to worship the Lord. Look on my website for an article that will go more in-depth on this subject.
Before the Messiah's Temple is erected in Jerusalem during the Kingdom Period, there will be a Temple in Jerusalem during the Tribulation Period, Daniel 9:27Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 11:1-2. All preparations have been made for this next Temple to be up and operating in the very near future.
This Tribulation Temple will be where the Antichrist will receive "worship" from all on the earth that do not trust in the Messiah for eternal salvation. All preparations have been made for the Tribulation Temple to be put in place, but first the Rapture must take place, and that could happen today. Even so come, Lord Jesus.
PRAYER THOT: Thank you Lord for the promise of your return to earth, the preparations already made for that to happen and the prospect that it might begin, with the Rapture taking place, soon.
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Pastor Rick Jackson



1. The Message to Zedekiah [v. 1-7] – I will fight against you! [different Pashur & Zephaniah]


2. The Message to the People [v. 8-10] – Surrender to Live


3. The Message to the King’s House [v. 11-14] – Payday Someday is now!


II. DON’T BLAME GOD [Jeremiah 22:1-10]


1. The Way to Blessing [v. 1-4]


2. The Way to Destruction [v. 5-7]


3. The Way it will be Known [v. 8-10]


III. THE PARADE OF KINGS [Jeremiah 22:11-17]


1. The King of False Hope [v. 11-17]


2. The King Unlamented [v. 18-23]


3. The King Written Childless [v. 24-30, Mt. 1:6-12, 16-17; Luke 3:23, 31]

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                                     JOB 1                                                                     Pastor Rick Jackson


It seems that everyone had different thoughts about what Job needed- but it’s not just Job. It’s you and me as well. Everybody thinks they know what we need. Let’s see some Biblical examples.




1. The Devil thought Job Needed to Lose All Earthly Possessions [1:8-22]

2. The Devil thought Job Needed to Lose His Health [2:3-8]

3. The Devil thought Job Needed Human Reasoning [2:9-11, 4:1-25:6]


But the Devil was wrong [1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:]




1. Job thought He Needed an Opportunity to Explain things to God [13:3, 23:1-4]

2. Job thought He Needed Explanations and Reasons [23:5, 10:2, 31:35]

3. Job thought He Needed to Justify Himself [Job 32:2]


BUT Job was wrong [Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.] Tom Malone said, “We need to obey God rather than man- even when we are the man.”




1. Job Learned God is Omnipotent [42:1-2a]

2. Job Learned God is Omniscient [42:2b-3]

3. Job Learned God is Trustworthy [42:5-6]


Job didn’t need salvation- he had that [19:25-27], Job didn’t need explanations, Job needed faith! Faith came by hearing and hearing by the Word of God [Rm. 10:17]

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Did God create bloodsuckers?

Did God create bloodsuckers?
Demons Are Active Today
Did God Create Bloodsuckers?
In God's original creation, bats, lampreys, and finches were not blood-feeders, but instead ate plants, water plants, and possibly pollen or nectar. Due to mankind's rebellion and sin, this idyllic condition did not last, as all of creation was placed under the Curse. Sometime after the Fall, these creatures became omnivorous, carnivorous, parasitic, and/or insectivorous, and then gradually started incorporating blood into their diet opportunistically, and in some cases became obligate sanguinivores.

The truly spooky thing about these bloodsuckers is that mankind is responsible for their being here.
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It seems that in recent years there has been more confusion in the minds of the people about Heaven and less understanding of the Bible doctrine concerning that glorious place. For one thing, "isms" and false cults have increased to confuse the mind. Then there has been a great decrease in preaching about death, Hell, Heaven and judgment. Modernism and worldliness have discouraged the flabby, soft...-living hirelings of the pulpit in preaching about death and the things which follow death. But you cannot dismiss Hell without dismissing Heaven. You cannot ignore or evade the fate of the unrepentant sinner and teach the saints the glories that await the redeemed of God. The so-called "social gospel" lays stress upon this life, not on the next. In many quarters it is now regarded as very old-fashioned and passé to urge people to prepare to die. Social security, better housing, relief for tenant farmers, better living conditions for the poor, and the care of underprivileged children have occupied so much of the teaching and preaching of these modern days that preachers have left poor, hungry-hearted people ignorant about Heaven. - John R. Rice
Whatever we have yet of human weakness and sin after being born again will be left behind, surely, when the soul finds itself in the likeness of Christ, being carried by the angels to Heaven at death. One day we shall lose our sin and whatever remains of the carnal and sinful nature. Otherwise our personalities will be identical. The imperfect will be made perfect. The incomplete will be completed. That which is lacking will be supplied. - John R. Rice
No one of us can look at a friend and judge surely whether he lies or speaks the truth. Many a time a mother, a father, a wife or sweetheart yearns in vain to express the love that is humanly past expressing. Only in Heaven shall we really know how some people love us. Only in Heaven shall we know how deep was the penitence of others for sin and how desperately they longed to do right, though they appeared not to try. I say, here we only see through a glass darkly. Then shall we see face to face. - John R. Rice
We Christians often act like heathen. We preach that it is wonderful to be a Christian, that it is Heaven to gain and hell to shun. Then when one of our loved ones dies, we act as if it were all a lie. Our actions say that this world is better than the next, that death is a tragedy, and we ask querulously in our unbelief, Why? Why? Why? We feel that Heaven is bearable all right, when one has sucke...d dry all the pleasures of the earth. We feel that only after old age has come upon us, when life is a burden, when health has failed, when we are in the way and our children don't want us, that then perhaps we should be resigned to go to Heaven. Subconsciously we look upon Heaven as a scrapheap for the worn-out and useless, a kind of old-people's home, which is better than nothing but not as good as this world, with youth and health and prosperity. Shame on us! When we weep and lament at the death of our loved ones, we often make void our testimony, cast reflection on the Bible and irreverence on Heaven. - John R. Rice
For the Christian death is not a tragedy but a glorious promotion. It is not the sad end, but the glorious beginning. Sometimes people say how sad it is that one should die so young, but that is a deception of Satan. If a young Christian dies, it is not sad but glorious. Many of the fairest buds that ever grew on earth have blossomed in Heaven. However much we miss our loved ones when they fall asleep, let us remember that our mourning is selfish; there is rejoicing in Heaven. Not one in that blessed land would, if he could, return to the decaying form he left, to live out the life he planned, to see the happiest future he could imagine on this earth. - John R. Rice
Jacob commanded, "Put away the strange gods that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments" (Gen. 35:2). It is a good practice we have of bathing and putting on fresh garments when we go to the house of God. It does not matter so much about the other people who will be at the church. But one ought to dignify his going to the house of God, one ought to make it a high occasion. As one puts on his best clothes to go courting or to meet important visitors, so surely it is nice sometimes to dress the best we can just to honor Jesus Christ. - John R. Rice
Over four hundred years ago God had said to Abraham, "For the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full" (Gen. 15:16). Even then the idolatry, the lewdness, the devil-worship, the murderous lives of these people had grieved God years ago. But God gave them another chance. Abraham was not then allowed to take over the land. The cup of iniquity was not yet filled.
But the years have gone by. Sin has ...done its terrible work. Now God has commanded that the inhabitants of the land be driven out, be killed, and the land, which hundreds of years before was dedicated to a chosen people and for the religion of the true God and for the writing of the Bible and for the coming of the Saviour, must now become the possession of God's people. - John R. Rice